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Committee Structure

The Merced County Workforce Development Board (WIB) uses a standing / ad hoc committee structure that provides systematic processes to set policies, fashion strategies, foster interagency coordination, and oversee the implementation of comprehensive strategic and operational plans for economic and human resource development.

The WDB has two (2) standing committees and implements ad hoc committees as required:

In addition to his or her seat on the Board, each WDB member also serves either on a standing or ad hoc committee. From time to time, additional committee meetings may be scheduled to accommodate pressing business needs. Meetings are approximately one and one-half hours in length. All items go through the committee structure before passing to the full WDB.

Agenda Packets, including notices, agendas, and background information, for each committee meeting are mailed no less than five (5) days prior to the published committee meeting date and posted to the public 72 hours prior to the meeting. This packet contains all the information that will be discussed and voted on at the meeting. The meeting agenda indicates those items intended for a vote, from those either as background to an emerging issue or for information purposes. A careful review affords members the opportunity to note any questions and concerns regarding issues of interest. Committee members may discuss each issue prior to bringing a recommendation to the full board.

All Committee Meetings are open to the public. If any WDB member has an interest in a specific issue and wishes to address it, effort should be made to do so while the issue is still at the committee level. The general public may be afforded the opportunity to be heard at each meeting, at a time designated by the chairperson.

Committee Minutes summarize discussion on key issues and detail recommendations forwarded to the Board. All committee minutes are posted on the WDB WEB site.


Board Committees are assigned to reinforce the wholeness of the board’s job and to never interfere with delegation from the WDB to the Executive Director.

Board committees are to help the board do its job by preparing policy alternatives and implications for board deliberations.

Board committees may not exercise authority over staff. The Executive Director receives direction from the WDB Chair and Executive Committee and delegates staff as appropriate.


All action items must be approved or ratified by the full WDB. The Executive Committee may act on behalf of the Workforce Development Board between full Board meetings, typically when action is imperative and circumstances make assembling the full Board impractical. Any such actions shall be reported and subject to the approval of the Board at its next regular or special meeting.