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Youth Council

Youth Council Members

The Workforce Investment Act of 1998 requires the local WIB form a subgroup to assist the larger Board with workforce issues related to youth. WIB members in cooperation with the Chief Local Elected Official must appoint the Youth Council. The Youth Council is advisory to the WIB. The Youth Council provides a forum for the discussion and review of youth program models and problems encountered.

  • Develop the portions of the local WIA Title I-B Plan relating to eligible youth, as determined by the Council Chairperson. Ensure that parents, participants, and other interested community members are involved in the design and implementation of these programs
  • Subject to the approval of the WIB:
    • a) Recommend eligible providers of youth activities to be awarded grants or contracts on a competitive basis by the local WIB to carry out the youth activities.
    • b) Conduct oversight with respect to the providers of youth activities in the local area.
  • Coordinate WIA Title I-B youth activities in the area.
  • Other duties determined to be appropriate by the WIB chairperson, such as establishing linkages with educational agencies and other youth entities.
  • Provide a forum for initial discussion on emerging issues affecting youth and the workforce development system.
  • Responsible for Customer Satisfaction analysis of youth programs/services including recommending goals for improvement and increased accountability.
  • Coordinates with the WIB for future program development needs.

For more information of the Youth Council, including meeting packets, click here to go to the Youth Council Web Site.

A strategic goal to be addressed by this committee and shared by the Quality Assurance Committee and Program Planning and Development Committee is to influence the K-12 education system to design and implement strategies that provide students knowledge of employees skills and attitudes and develop metrics to assure success.